Woodpecker Piezo Bone Cutter UltraSurgery US-II LED

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  • Expert in Osteotomy, Extraction, Sinus lift, Implant preparation, etc. Minimum invasive.
  • Provide maximum safety to Soft Tissue.
  • Higher cutting efficiency, better than Mctron 3rd-gen machine.
  • LED hand piece for better vision.
  • 1 year warranty (not including customer damages).
  • Due to the nature of the medical equipment, we don't offer return on this product if it has been open box and used. We will repair it for free if it's product problem and still within warranty. 
  • Woodpecker Model#: US-II LED

Woodpecker Perio Bone Cutter UltrasurgeryPerio Bone UltrasurgeryWoodpecker Perio Bone UltrasurgeryUS II LED Perio Bone SurgeryPerio Bone Surgery with LED HandpieceWoodpecker Perio Bone Ultrasurgery with LED HandpiecePerio Bone Surgery for Sinus Lift Osteotomy ExtractionPerio Bone Surgery with light handpiece and tips from Woodpeckerhigh quality period bone cutting ultrasurgery

Packing List:

01. Main Unit x1

02. Peristaltic Pump x1

03. Power Cord x1

04. Hook x1

05. Foot Switch x1

06. Handpiece x2

07. Handpiece Holder x1

08. Tips Holder x1

09. Pump Tubing x8

10. Connector for Pump Tubing x4

11. Sterlize Box x1

12. Torque Wrench x2

13. Single Package x2

14, Tip Book x1

15. Silicone handle holder x2

16. Tips US1 x1, US2 x1, US3 x1, US4 x1, US5 x1, US1L x1, US1R x1

             UL1 x1, UL2 x1, UL3 x1, UL4 x1, UL5 x1, UI1 x1, UC1 x1

17. Normal Saline Connector x2

18. Instruction manual x1

19. Warranty Card x1

20. Qualified Certificate x1

21. Assembly Card x1

22. Packing List x1

23. Complimentary article: LED Lamp (only for US II-LED) x1

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