Woodpecker AP-H&AP-H Plus Dental Air Polisher

Size: AP-H
Sale price$300.00


AP-H Plus=AP-H+AP-2 Plus Subgingival Handpiece+ 10pc Subgingival Nozzle

More sientific More efficient

Supragingival & Subgingival Mode Two-in-one

Amazing Dental Air Polisher with subgingival mode

0.7mm small caliber nozzle

Three-section air-polishing handpiece design


User-friendiy design, more flexible and light weight

Main technical parameters

Input water pressure:0.7bar to 2.2bar (70-220kPa)

Input air pressure: 3.5bar to 4.5bar (350-450kPa)

Working mode: continuous operation, Intermittent operation 

Weight: About 0.150kg

Connector: Meets the requirements of YY / T 0514

Operation environment:

Environment temperature: + 10℃~ +40℃ 

Relative humidity: 30% ~ 75%

Atmospheric pressure:50kPa ~ 106kPa

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