Woodpecker Endo 3 Ultrasonic Endo Activate Device Endo Irrigator Activator

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The Endo 3 Ultrasonic Endo Activator is an highly convenient intelligent ergonomic design, wireless handpiece for activating irrigation during a root canal procedure. This unit replaces the Endo 1 and has some upgraded features. Proper irrigant activation in the canals during a root canal plays a key role in the proper debridement and disinfection of the root canal system. The Endo 3 emits a high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to safely and effectively boost the endo irrigation used in endodontics.

Wireless Use & Wireless Charging Base no plugs or cords.

The Endo 3 has Three (3) Power Modes which are E1, E2, and E3 which go from Low to High mode.

The Endo 3 has Four (4) Time Modes which allow the ultrasonic to run for 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds or 10 minutes.

The Endo 3 has 2 Modes that allow it to be used as 1) Stand-by Mode Where Ready to Use or 2) Irrigation Mode.

Larger and Clear LCD Screen for better observation by the dentist.

Adjustable Head for Improved Access entire head of the device can be turned to the position needed.

Standard Configuration: E96*2, E99*2, E70, E71*10

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