Vakker® Dental Hygiene 4 hole Prophy Air Motor and 4:1 Straight Reduction Handpiece Set System

Size: Prophy Air Motor
Sale price$70.00


Vakker® 4hole Prophy Air Motor & 4:1 Straight Reduction Handpiece Set

Max Speed: 4000 rpm ±10%

Easy Plug in, pull out friction grip chucking system

Accept all Disposable Prophy Angles with 4 hole connector.

Suggest go with Vakker Disposable Prophy Angles. 

  • New and improved design, Quality comparable to other big brands.
  • Fits all standard straight handpieces, Latex Free
  • Ultimate smoothness with unique gearing
  • Guaranteed no dislodging of cup
  • Soft (Purple) or Firm (Blue) Cup available
  • 100 pc/box


Prophy Air Motor: 1 year

Prophy Handpiece: 1 year



Prophy Air Motor: VKPAM01

4:1 Prophy Handpiece: VKST41

Prophy Air Motor & Handpiece Set: VKPP01

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