TrusFIL Universal Composite Restorative - 4g/pc+10 Dispensing tips

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Universal Composite Restorative is a visible light-curing nanohybrid-filled dental restorative material intended to restore carious lesions or structural defects in teeth.


• Nearly 40% by volume of nanostructured filler loading;

• Impressive physical and chemical properties, such as high flexural strength, low water absorption and solubility, as well as low polymer shrinkage.

• High polishability and long-lasting shine appearance contribute to natural look;

• Contains hydroxyapatite,

• Exceptional operational performance, easy to shape and not easily adhere to the device.

• 3 opacity and 21 shades provide perfect aesthetic effect and a long-lasting shining appearance.

• High radiopacity, X-ray radiation resistance could be over 400%


• Direct anterior and posterior restorations (including occlusal and facial surfaces).

• Core Build-ups.

• For splinting. It refers to the situation that which the tooth gap is large (periodontitis, etc.), and the tooth is shaken, composite resin can be used to fill and help retention. After splinting, either the tooth will recover naturally, or get worse and be extracted;

• Indirect restorations including inlays, onlays and veneers.


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