TopCEM Dual Cure Resin Cement - 8g/pc

Style: A1 (Light)
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Self-adhesive, easy use with outstanding bonding strength


- Cementation of crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays.

- Orthodontic bands.

- Final cementation of PFMs, metal crowns, all-alumina or all-zirconia strengthened core ceramic restorations to implant abutments.

Universal Efficient Reliable

1. Compatible with total etching, self etching and selective etching.
2. Dual cure offers flexible options.
3. Excellent adhesion performance.
4. Sufficient working time (90s) and fast setting time (3min).
5. High flexural strength, low film thickness, solubility and water absorption, over 400% radiopacity.
6. 3 opacity and 7 shades available.


- Convenient auto-mixing or hand-mixing

- Time saving: self-adhesive luting cement, no need of etching, priming or bonding 

- Virtually no post-operative sensitivity 

- Easy removal of excess material 

- Sufficient bonding strength, high compressive and flexural strength provide improved durability and marginal integrity 

- Suitable for most luting applications 

- Low film thickness ensures excellent marginal fit 

- Fluoride releasing like conventional glass ionomer cements 

- Increased radiopacity




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