Pro30 Teeth Whitening Lamp/Light w/ Blue, Red&Purple Light

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This bleaching system is used for the department of stomatology in hospital, dental clinic, beauty parlor, school teaching, the unit or personal for whitening teeth, etc

  External causes of tooth color pigment Nien:

1. External color of the pigment Nine teeth( smoke spot, coffee spot, tea spot and so on)
2. Internal pigment teeth, tetracycline pigmentation teeth, dental fluorosis.
3. Hereditary xanthone
4. Dark and yellow teeth caused by unknown reasons.


Item Color
Light source
5W/pc(Blue Light)
3W/pc(Red Light)
1W/pc(Purple Light)
430nm~490nm (Blue Light)
620nm~640nm(Red Light)
380nm~400nm(Purple Light)

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