R27 Shade Guide for in-office teeth whitening

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The R27 Shade Guide is designed to allow the operator to “start with the end in mind” in order to create beautiful and natural restorations and smile reconstructions. The Shade Guide tabs can be used as a cookbook with recipes. Choose the shade that best matches the patient’s dentition and refer to the “recipe” on the back of the Shade Guide or on the shade tab. Now you can see what esthetic results are possible before you start the restoration. The R27 Shade Guide is designed to be versatile. If you are restoring small cavities that require less buildup, the shade tabs provide the operator with a guide to choosing a regular “body” shade.


Also, the R27 shade guide sets a new standard for the planning and monitoring of the patient’s tooth whitening regimen with a simplified scale. The R27 also offers new intermediate shade tabs that are arranged specifically for measuring bleaching progress.


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