C-Root Injectable Novel Strontium Silicate Endo Root Canal Bioceramic Sealer 2g

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C-Root SP Injectable Root Canal Bioceramic Sealer is a convenient premixed ready-to-use, injectable white hydraulic bioceramic paste developed for permanent root canal filling and sealing applications. C-Root SP is an insoluble, radiopaque, and aluminum-free material based on a strontium silicate composition, which requires the presence of water to set and harden. C-Root SP does not shrink during setting and demonstrates excellent physical properties. C-Root SP is packaged in a preloaded syringe and is supplied with disposable Intra Canal tips. C-Root SP may be delivered into the canal via disposable tips or it can be delivered via traditional methods.

Basic Chemical Composition:

Zirconium Oxide,
Strontium Silicates,
Calcium Phosphates,
Calcium Hydroxide,
Tantalum Oxide and Filler Agents.

FDA 510# K212983

 2 year warranty


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