Woodpecker B-Cure Plus 5W High power blue LED Curing Light with 2 Batteries and Metal Head

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Light Source:

  • 5W high power blue LED Light
  • Wavelength: 385-515nm.
  • Check method: When operating machine properly, LED Luminous means LED is in good condition.
  • The wavelength of our curing light can match with dental resin materials which are commonly used on clinical, such as 3M and Dentsply.
  • Working Condition: 1, Environment Temperature: +5 to + 40 ℃ 2, Relative Humidity: 30-75% 3, Atmosphere pressure: 70-106kPa
Working modes:

5 working modes, Turbo, Ortho, Normal, Soft, and pulse.

Light Intensity:
  • Turbo 2,800-3,000mW/cm², Tolerance: ±10;
  • Ortho 1,800-2,000mW/cm², Tolerance: ±10;

  • Normal, Soft, and Pulse 1,000-2000mW/cm², Tolerance: ±10.
Working Time:
  • Turbo: 1s 3s
  • Ortho: 3sX10, 5sX10
  • Normal, Soft, and Pulse: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20 the solidifying time

Cures 2mm resin in 3 sec.

2*750mAh large-capacity battery. A full charge provides more than 300 continuously under 10s cures.



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