DTO KN99 Extraoral Dental Suction Unit System HEPA14 Filter 2 UVC Light

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How to assemble the DTO KN99 Suction Unit?

How to change the filters?

Product Key Features

  • Help to Stop Virus and Germs
  • 1600W Powerful American made motor
  • Medical-grade H14 HEPA filter
  • 2*UV-C light disinfectant, 4 w each
  • 10 adjustable power settings
  • Articulated rotating arm for easy positioning
  • Autoclavable suction hood

Product Composition

Working Principle

DTO KN99 Extraoral Dental Suction is designed to collects the droplets, bacterial aerosol, and dust generated during the oral treatment through the suction hood. First, filter the particulate matter through the Fine Filter; Then, sterilize by the UV-C light; Finally, filter the gas again by the HEPA filter before discharge the gas. 

 oralsuctionunit-flexiblesuctionarm99.99% filteringamerican-motor-10-speeds



 Using TIPS for Dental Extraoral Suction Unit

• When moving the chair up and down, do not let the oral suction device touch the patient, dental lamp, chair, table, etc.

• Should avoid using or placing the machine exposed to light sources and heat sources that may generate heat.

• Do not touch or bump with hard objects.

• Do not remove the joint cover of the device for use.

• Do not tilt the machine for use. Otherwise, it may cause the body to fall over and cause injuries to the body or furniture.

• Do not move the machine or hold the hood or arm for stretching operation while tilted.

• Pay attention to the power cord when moving.

Daily Maintenance

• In order to be able to clean and use every day, please be careful not to stain the hood and handle, and should be cleaned frequently.

• For the disinfection of arms and handles, use non-corrosive wipes to wipes off or disinfectant sprays, such as CaviWipes 1 or Lysol I.C. Disinfectant Spray (just for reference).

• Filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation time period.



1-year warranty for the main unit and spare parts (Not including the Filters)

Free Spare Part During the Warranty Period

No Labor Cost 

Final Sales, No Return

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